Toll Payment Processing

The Difference is CLEAR

At CLEAR Payments, we specialize in providing payment processing for municipal tolling agencies across the U.S. Our electronic toll payment processing system provides easy and centralized integration and transaction processing. We offer powerful and affordable toll processing services that give you the security and streamlined functionality you need in every online transaction. We take pride in delivering toll processing services that are customized to help agencies have more efficient transactions, while addressing a variety of industry-specific challenges.

CLEAR Payment Toll Solutions

At CLEAR Payments, we specialize in providing secure, fully integrable toll processing solutions that help your tolling agency to avoid common pitfalls while improving efficiency. Our feature-rich platform provides a combination of great value and advanced security for accepting payments- giving tolling agencies the reliability and accuracy they need. Our cost effective, fully customizable payment solutions feature complete transaction management, providing account verification, payment authentication services, receipt delivery, and credit and debit authorization and settlement.

Advanced Payment Processing Solutions

At CLEAR Payments, we believe that every business deserves powerful, secure and affordable processing solutions- and toll agencies are no exception. As a toll payment processing provider, we strive to offer integrated processing solutions that can reliably and accurately collect high volume toll transactions for agencies across the country. We use cutting edge technology to offer advanced payment processing solutions that reduce processing timelines, while also effectively connecting you to every motorist. We combine this technology with the functionality and security you need to power your tolling agency into the future.

CLEAR Payments Benefits at A Glance

Our gateway solutions provide the ultimate in security, allowing motorists to make toll payments with the assurance that their data is fully protected against potential breaches.

Our toll processing platform helps you maintain customer accounts with ease, posting toll transactions and customer payments to accounts for easy overview.

Our payment processing allows your tolling agency to have more effective customer service by helping you streamline and organize all payment transactions. You bring our toll processing solutions into your existing customer service protocol for the perfect fit.

Whether your toll transactions are periodically billed to motorists, or account balances are funded as they deplete over time, our platform supports tolling transactions for both postpaid and prepaid customer accounts.

Our toll processing services feature payment portals that are customizable to match your toll authority’s visual brand language. You choose the look and feel you want for full brand cohesiveness.

Our toll payment processing solutions allow drivers to access and manage their account 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means greater convenience for drivers, less risk of payment delinquency, and more payment accessibility for your agency.

Our platforms are easily integrated to existing transponder systems, allowing you to streamline payment processing with your existing hardware.

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