Secure Payment Solutions

The Clear Choice

CLEAR Payments is the single platform for your secure payment needs. We offer solutions that are powerful and affordable when dealing with online transactions. There is a clear choice when it comes to payment solutions that meet today’s challenges with innovation.

Businesses need a high-quality option when dealing with customer data and transactions. Our team here at CLEAR Payments provides a range of solutions that will make maintaining security, convenience, and affordability.


Every transaction should be fast and reliable. That is why it is vital to have gateway connections that connect you to every customer that you have. Your business deserves powerful, secure and affordable gateway solutions to protect all your customer’s data.

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Through our convenience fees, you have a payment solution that helps your business with merchant billing. By adding a small charge to the purchase, the convenience fee offsets the cost of payment processing fees that businesses need to pay.

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CLEAR Payments provides payment portals to eliminate the need for multiple pages and ensure that transactions are secure and done quickly. With our payment solutions, we can offer a more customized and user-friendly experience that your consumers will love.

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Payment Security and Reliability

Here at CLEAR Payments, we pride ourselves on payment solutions that benefit both customers and businesses. Through security and reliability, your business will create a more efficient system while maintaining your customer base. Please contact our team here at CLEAR Payments if you have any further questions.

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Clear Payments has programs, products, and technology to make your business run better.

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