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Small Business Payment Processing Solutions

At CLEAR Payments we understand the unique challenges that come with accepting credit cards as a method of payment, particularly for small businesses. We strive to provide powerful, reliable, and affordable solutions, helping you to stay competitive in the marketplace while optimizing every transaction. We use our years of knowledge and experience to bring you innovative and feature-rich payment solutions that will help you grow your small business.

We provide scalable small business payment processing options designed for a variety of small businesses, including brick and mortar and e-commerce-based retailers. We provide a wide selection of secure and compliant point of sale terminals to businesses across the U.S. Thousands of these reliable and easy to use terminals are deployed every month, allowing businesses to easily and affordably accept payment for their goods and services.

Payment Processing for Small Businesses Made Easy

Our small business payment processing solutions combine cutting-edge technology with the functionality you need to keep your business thriving. We have developed robust electronic payment solutions that can accommodate your payment processing needs regardless of your sales volume. Our PCI-compliant software and data storage facilities allow you to minimize liability while protecting your data and your customers. As a result, your small business can now enjoy the increased sales and improved functionality that come from secure debit and credit card processing.

Additionally, we provide the option of convenience fees for added affordability. As one of our many merchant-billing solutions, small convenience fees are added to the cost of your goods and services. You receive the payment in its entirety, while the convenience fee offsets the cost of payment processing fees that your business pays. The result is small business payment processing with no fees. 

  • Accepts all major credit or debit cards

  • Features one low rate for all card payments

  • Includes check verification and guarantee

  • Accommodates gift & loyalty programs

  • Full POS integrations

  • Fast reliable processing

  • Allows for faster deposits

  • Allows for lower cost processing

  • Is compliant & secure (EMV ready)

Try CLEAR Payments for Your Processing Needs

At CLEAR Payments, we strive to provide powerful, secure and affordable online payment solutions to small businesses. Our payment processing solutions provide a combination of great value and advanced security for accepting payments- giving your small business the security and competitive edge it needs.

We believe that payment processing should be as easy as it is powerful. As a result, we’ve designed our user- intuitive interface to make use and integration easy. We provide 24/7 tech support along with a supportive onboarding experience, so that we can equip you with the resources you need in order to begin processing payments as quickly as possible. Whether you are in traditional brick and mortar retail, or e-commerce, we are sure to have the payment processing solution you need. Partner with us for your small business payment processing needs to begin enjoying secure, affordable transactions today!

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