Online Payment Portals

The Difference is CLEAR

An online payment portal serves as the client-facing portion of a website where your clients or customers go to make payment directly. A payment portal website is essentially the point of entry into the payment gateway that your client sees and interacts with.

How Is It Used?

How and where you choose to use a payment portal in your business may vary depending on your industry, but it serves as an “entrance” for your customers into all payment processing functions. For example, in traditional e-commerce industries, an online payment portal website is the place where customers can view their “cart” to see which goods or services they are purchasing, and “check-out” to purchase those goods or services. Whereas in ARM (collections), similar online payment systems allow your customers to view outstanding or past due bills or invoices, enter payment information, or indicate and schedule payment amounts.

Benefits of A Payment Portal Website

Having a branded online payment portal will enable your business to securely accept various forms of payment (credit, debit, eCheck, ACH), organize invoices, and manage the accounts and payment histories of your customers.

Having the ability to collect payments on a constant basis can dramatically reduce the frequency of delinquent payments.

By giving consumers the option to process payments electronically, the risk of lost or stolen checks is eliminated.

Users and customers can manage their payments whenever they like without time or date restrictions.

Your business can reduce its impact on the environment by eliminating the need to use stamps, envelopes, or printed invoices and deposit slips.

Because electronic payments leave a digital paper trail, your business can enjoy superior payment tracking and analytics.

Having the ability to set automatic billing schedules allows users to select the frequency, payment date, and amount to be debited from their account.

All payments happen instantaneously, eliminating any delays in processing, or unpredictable cash flow.

CLEAR Payments Online Payment System

At CLEAR Payments, our online payment system provides a combination of great value and advanced security for accepting payments- giving your business the security and competitive edge it needs. By partnering with us for your online payment system needs, you can enjoy secure transactions without anxiety. Our PCI-compliant software and data storage facilities allow you to minimize liability while protecting your data and your customers.

At CLEAR Payments, we believe every business deserves powerful, secure and affordable online payment solutions. We use our years of knowledge and experience to bring you feature-rich payment solutions that will help you optimize your business through innovation. Whether you are in traditional e-commerce, or in accounts receivable management, we are sure to have a payment portal solution for you. Our client-facing payment platform combines cutting-edge technology with the functionality you need to securely power your web-based business into the future.

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