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Gateway Payment Solutions

A payment gateway is a service that authorizes credit card payments for e-commerce transactions. It works by relaying imputed credit card information from a website to the credit card payment network for processing. It then returns all transaction details and responses from the payment network back to the website.  If your business accepts or wants to accept credit card payments online, you will need a secure payment gateway in order to have secure, streamlined transactions.

Payment Processing, Streamlined

Having a reliable gateway connection has many benefits for businesses and consumers alike, including added security. As the demand for online shopping and bill payment rapidly increases, gateway connections allow merchants and collection agencies to have a secure, reliable payment platform in order to safeguard and protect payment information.

These platforms also make it possible for customers to settle any outstanding invoices with ease, and they make it easier than ever for agencies to follow up on past due bills or account balances. Collection efforts are streamlined, becoming as simple as sending an email request to resolve a past due bill, along with a clickable link to the secure payment gateway.

Additionally, online payment gateways foster business expansion by improving customer service, consolidating vendors, and easing reporting and reconciliation. They also carry the benefit of faster payment speed and account verification, as well as the ability to set up recurring billing options. The result is increased functionality for you, and increased security for your customers.

CLEAR Payments Gateway Features

At CLEAR Payments, we believe that every transaction should be fast and reliable. As a result, we strive to provide gateway solutions that effectively connect you to every customer. The CLEAR Payments gateway features advanced transaction security, as well as acceptance of any payment type. With a direct connection, small businesses and collection agencies now have a fast, reliable and affordable gateway connection to their customer’s payments- all while securing customer data.

  • Fast & Reliable Transactions

  • PCI & DSS Compliant Solutions

  • Acceptance of All Payment Types

  • Protection for Customer Data

  • Hosted or Direct Connections

  • Easy APIs for Software Integration

  • Advanced Transaction Security

Powerful, Secure, and Affordable

Your business deserves powerful, secure and affordable gateway solutions. CLEAR Payments combines cutting-edge technology with the functionality of a payment platform to securely power your web-based business into the future. Our feature-rich platform provides a combination of great value and advanced security for accepting payments- giving your business the competitive edge it needs.

In addition to providing 24/7 tech support, we also provide you with a supportive on-boarding experience, equipping you with the resources you need in order to begin processing payments as quickly as possible. Whether you are in traditional e-commerce, tolling, or in accounts receivable management, we are sure to have a gateway solution for you at CLEAR Payments.

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