Convenience Fees

Powerful, Secure and Affordable

Many business owners experience the frustration that comes from the added costs of credit card transaction fees. These processing fees add to overhead costs and ultimately eat into profit margins. Our mission as a payment service provider is to meet these challenges with innovation and advanced payment solutions. In order to circumvent the challenge of credit card transaction fees, we take an innovative approach to payment models by employing convenience fees.

Convenience fees are small charges added to the purchase price of goods and services. They are designed to offset the high cost of payment processing fees incurred by businesses, and ultimately help keep payment-processing expenses to a minimum.

How CLEAR Payments Convenience Fee Processing Works

Through our convenience fee processing solution, we offer a payment model that helps your business with merchant billing. Small convenience fees are added to the cost of your goods and services. You then receive payments in their entirety, while the convenience fee offsets the cost of payment processing fees that your business pays. The result is credit card processing with no fees.

At CLEAR Payments, our use of convenience fees is always legally compliant. Regardless of your state or industry, our system always fully customizable to meet your business requirements.


  • Your business collects 100% of the payment
  • Ability to receive payments 24/7
  • Various forms of payment accepted
  • Quickly process payments in real-time
  • Easily establish recurring payments

CLEAR Payments Helping Your Business Succeed

As your payment partner, we not only pride ourselves on bringing you the best in innovative payment processing solutions, but we are committed to delivering superior customer service. As a result, when you partner with CLEAR Payments for your payment processing needs, we provide 24/7 tech support as a part of our comprehensive onboarding experience. Our team of experts will equip you with the resources you need in order to fully maximize the benefits of a convenience fee payment model for your business.

Your business deserves powerful, secure and affordable payment processing solutions. Our convenience fee processing solution helps deliver more value to your business- ultimately giving you the competitive edge you need. Whether you are in accounts receivable management, tolling, or small business, contact us today to discover more about how our no fee credit card processing will allow your business to begin processing payments without fees!