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In the eyes of banks and merchant processing companies…not all businesses are created equal. At Clear Payments we specialize in merchant processing for Collection Agencies, so we understand the unique challenges they face.
Whether you are currently processing or need to setup a new merchant account for your business, Clear Payments is on your side. Tired of exorbitant fees? That stops with Clear Payments.

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  • 10+ Years Servicing the ARM Industry
  • Low Rates and Quick Approvals
  • No Surprise Rate Increases
  • Direct Collection System Integrations
  • Industry Leading Web Portals
  • PCI Compliant
  • Free Rate Proposals
  • Rapid Account Funding
  • Member of ACA, RMAI, IACC

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Accounts Receivable Management Made Easy

At CLEAR Payments, we understand the unique challenges faced by collection agencies and as a result, we remain a trusted and proven partner for accounts receivable management agencies across the U.S. We are a high-risk merchant account provider that specializes in providing collection agency payment processing solutions. Whereas traditional merchant accounts are unsuitable for high-risk businesses, we use our experience in accounts receivable management to help your agency thrive. We specialize in meeting the payment processing needs of collection agencies of every size and scope through cutting edge technology.

Collections Payment Processing, Optimized

At CLEAR Payments, we believe that every transaction should be fast and reliable. As a result, we strive to provide gateway solutions that effectively connect you to every customer. The CLEAR Payments gateway features advanced transaction security, as well as acceptance of any payment type. With a direct connection, small businesses and collection agencies now have a fast, reliable and affordable gateway connection to their customer’s payments- all while securing customer data.

With our web-based payment system, we offer real-time processing through a secure and responsive payment gateway. Straightforward and accessible, our collection agency payment processing platform uses cutting edge technology to seamlessly integrate with your existing collection software. Our online payment portals will enable your business to securely accept various forms of payment, organize invoices, and manage the accounts and payment histories of your customers- adding to the overall efficiency of your agency.

  • Simplified Payment Processing

  • Ability To Collect Payments 24/7

  • Complete Software Integration

  • Streamlined Billing

  • Improved Cash Flow

  • Reduced Costs

  • Optimized Employee Efficiency

  • Full Brand Integration

  • Increased Security

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction

Superior Customer Service You Can Count On

Our goal is to not only provide powerful and secure payment solutions that fit your agency, but also to deliver a truly remarkable experience. We are a payment service provider that is built on the primary guiding principles of integrity, creativity, and a “customer first” mentality. These values have acted as the cornerstone from which we strive to surpass the expectations of our collection agency partners. Because we recognize that chargebacks and refund issues are particularly unique to high-risk industries such as collections, we deliver customer-centric support to all of our agency partners. As a result, in addition to providing 24/7 access to tech support, we also provide the customer service you need to resolve any processing issues as quickly as possible.

We take care of payment processing, so that you can focus on your agency. We are a specialist merchant account provider with the team, technology, and experience you need for successful collection payment processing. Discover why more and more collection agencies trust the security and reliability of CLEAR Payments for their payment processing needs. Contact us to learn more about how we can put our experience in the accounts receivable management sector to work for your agency today!

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