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CLEAR Payments History

Founded in 2008, CLEAR Payments was started to service the collection industry as a telecom reseller and payment processor. Since this time, we have been successfully delivering innovation in the form of powerful and secure electronic payment solutions with our single-source platform. Our mission as a payment service provider is to meet today’s challenges with innovation and advanced payment solutions. We believe that everyday is an opportunity to do things differently, and this value of innovation is reflected in our products and services. Based in Jacksonville, FL, CLEAR Payments has become a trusted payment service provider, developing reliable programs, technology, and payment processes through cutting edge technology.

Industry Experts

Experts at risk, interchange, and relationship management, our leadership team has a specialized background in collections. Having served in leadership roles with some of the top collection agencies and debt buyers, the CLEAR Payments executive team has decades of specialized experience in the industry. These decades of industry-specific expertise have been one of the secrets to our success at expertly navigating the payment ecosystem over the years, as our staff continues to successfully leverage their combined knowledge and experience in order to deliver exceptional results.

Integrity & Creativity

At CLEAR Payments, our goal is to not only provide powerful and secure payment solutions that fit your business, but also to deliver a truly remarkable experience to our customers. We take pride in delivering programs, products, and technology that make businesses better, but also in building lasting relationships with our customers across the U.S. We are a payment service provider that is built on the primary guiding principles of integrity, creativity, and a “customer first” mentality. These values have acted as the cornerstone from which we strive to deliver an exceptional experience to our clients, and partners.

It’s Time to do Things Differently

Clear Payments has programs, products, and technology to make your business run better.

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